Establishing Contact

I’ll let you know as soon as I can have visitors. I will not be so bold as to estimate when that will be, as this is a military prison and thus wildly inefficient. It only took 11 days to have my “day one” blood draw, so…

(He sent me a 1-800 number I was to call in order to open up my cell phone for collect calls. I called it and it didn’t work.)

No one has been able to get that 800 number to work, so maybe it’s a dud. Go figure.

The mail is closed Saturdays, Holidays (training and Federal) and they review my mail. That said, you can send me pictures that you don’t mind some guard seeing. I’m a little disappointed that you’ve taken self-nudes off the table, but here’s hoping your husband comes through.

The restrictions on mailing me things sucks, but on a positive note, basic creature comforts are much more available here than during a deployment. Who knew?

I’m really interested in the carpentry program, but I hear it’s tough to get into – limited slots. So my plan is to do as little time in the salt mines (DFAC/laundry) as possible, then transfer to textiles while I wait for a slot to open in the carpentry shop. So that’s my “job” plan. Apparently once you get out of the salt mines you can earn some meager wages. Score.

Not much new on the custodial front. There are about eight other guys in “reception” with me and for the most party they are not bad. pretty honest for a bunch of murderers, rapists, and child molesters. Unfortunately, my roommate is the worst of the bunch. The group has decided he’s a Puerto Rican vampire. He’s more likely South American, but what matters is that he’s truly odd. He’s uber-secretive and most questions, like Where are you from?, are “too personal.” He reads, sleeps, eats, and writes an insane amount of complaint forms, mostly about the verbal abuse he gets from the maximum custody inmates, I presume. He’s not allowed in most of the bays because they’ve already labeled him as a snitch. I think his time here will be long and hard.

The gym where I’m at for reception is primarily for the max custody inmates and contains only a knock-off nautilus machine and a pull up bar. I hear the general population gym is good, though.

I remain fairly upbeat. I play a lot of dominos and Phase 10…the occasional board game. Thus far I’ve resisted falling prey to Dungeons & Dragons which is pretty big here. I can’t wait to see you guys.


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