Letter, Interrupted

Today’s been interesting. I had to stop writing this letter because some a-hole was throwing a temper tantrum. He’s on the second level of our tier and got pissed off about something, so he clogged his toilet and flooded the tier. On the plus side, he failed to pop the fire sprinkler like he did a few weeks ago, which is why they moved him in with us reception folks in the first place: to separate him from the rest of max custody. What a shithead.

I heard about Schwarzenegger from another inmate – crazy. I won’t be able to watch TV until next week.

** During a visit with Russ on 24JUL11, we talked about this guy. Russ had figured out what pissed him off so much that he felt the need to flood his cell. Apparently the overhead light in his cell went out so he could no longer read or write at night. First he sent up a request (via a DD Form 510) to have the light fixed, but it was either denied or ignored. So he sent up another request, this one to move to a different cell with a working light. This also was denied by some MP (military police) sergeant who gave no reason for denial. At that point, he flipped out. I can sort of see why. If I were stuck in prison with only a small cell to call my own, I would get pretty attached to my light as well. It seems to me the MP guard was in the wrong here – couldn’t he have just turned on the guys light and saved everyone the pain of an inmate flipping out?


One thought on “Letter, Interrupted

  1. I find this blog very interesting considering I used to work at both the old and the new facility as an MP(not an obese one haha). Anyways I used to work in the laundry plant and I was wondering if maybe Big Rich still works there or maybe Lance two of the civilian workers there.

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