D & D Junkies

I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons, but there’s a large group of inmates who partake. I suppose I’ve always thought I had better things to do with my time…not so now. But the stereotype I cultivated for so long in the Army has strengthened my resistance to the game. In support of that stereotype, most inmates who play are socially awkward non-athletes.

As it turns out, the game totally absorbs its players for hours on end, so in addition to the typical D&D nerds, there are also an unexpectedly high number of non-nerds who also play. The USDB D&D crew has converted jocks and even some “heavies,” so the gaming crowd is a little more diverse here than what I’ve witnessed on the outside.

I have a lot of time to kill…I feel my resolve weakening. I’ll let you know if I get sucked in.


2 thoughts on “D & D Junkies

  1. Speaking as a long time player, I can say that it’s certainly a nerdy game. At the same time it’s a great exercise for the mind. I imagine your access to novels and literature is limited by the prison library, consider that the game is a fantasy adventure “story” that you get to help shape and that never really needs to end. Or when the story does end, you can just start up a new one without having to wait. Aside from the story telling distraction aspect of the game, it can be a very heavy strategy game when it comes to the combat play, and that might appeal to your military side. Anyways, I don’t know if you get to read the comments on your own blog, but if the word gets passed along to you, I think there are far worst things you could do with your time then D&D.

    • I work with Russ to keep this blog running, and I’ll certainly pass on your comment the next time I see him! I agree – there are probably worse things to do in prison than play D&D, like play baseball…
      As for novels and literature, the USDB library is surprisingly well-stocked. If they don’t have a book he wants, people can send him books and magazines as long as they come from a store like Amazon or Barnes & Noble (rather than an individual).

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