The Gauntlet

I made it through the gauntlet today without being stopped. The gauntlet is the funnel point where you go from your housing building into the main prison building. The point of the gauntlet is to catch people carrying contraband. Since I never carry contraband, I’m just trying to avoid having another man feel me up. (Do they really need to focus so much on my scrotum?)

During each work call or work re-call, a group of six to twelve guards line the hallway and choose prisoners to search at random. Making it through without getting patted down is equal parts luck and skill…if that’s possible. The guards will grab another inmate as soon as they’re finished with the current. I’ve found a few techniques that help me avoid being grabbed:

1. No eye contact. Don’t make it easy for them.

2. Adjust your sped depending on the crowd around you.

3. Have your badge in your hand so it looks like you’ve just been searched.

4. Just keep walking and make them call you by name, i.e. play dumb.

Each guard is susceptible to a different tactic, so you have to vary them and use them in combination for the greatest level of success.


One thought on “The Gauntlet

  1. HAHA, I used to HATE working in the “gauntlet” I actually used to see how few people I could frisk. The higher ranking Guards REALLY hate it when you don’t frisk many people.

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