Above the Collar

I noticed a tattoo arching above the collar of another inmate’s shirt this week. It’s a common military tattoo, but seeing it in here…well, I had to stifle a laugh. It said, “Death Before Dishonor.”



p.s. The Army is considering tighter grooming standards. Check out this article in the Army Times.

I especially liked this comment:

“Do not tighten them [grooming standards]. I served on active duty in Recruiting Command (as a battalion XO) from 2001 to 2007, a time of major change for the grooming regulations. I made the news when I denied entry to a young man with a sleeve tattoo in 2001. Then times got tough. By the time I left, we were allowing tattoos to show on the hands and above the collar, and sleeves were no issue at all. And the Army survived. If we loosen the tattoo and grooming standards for heavy war, and tighten them again as things quiet, what message are we sending? That a kid with a tattoo who is willing to risk dying is good enough for us only when we need numbers? It sure looks that way. America tattoos itself. The Army needs to stay in step.”

— Maj. Andy Entwistle (ret.), Fort Leavenworth, Kan.


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