Prison Scarily Similar to Deployment

The military has prepared me well for imprisonment. The only thing I find truly difficult is the complete lack of access to the internet. At least during my deployments I could get emails and surf the web.

1. I’m used to being away from friends and family for years at a time.

2. My son is used to me being gone.

3. I find living in a substandard environment easy

And here’s the kicker: many things here are better than a deployment. The quality of my room, for example. Also, the food and access to luxury amenities like a television and phone.

Even though my room here could probably withstand indirect fire (IDF) much better than the tents and CHUs I lived in during my deployments, there’s far less danger here. It’s nice not having to worry about mortar rounds killing me in my sleep or people trying to blow me up when I walk around outside. I just have to make sure I don’t get on the bad side of a convicted murderer. Too easy.


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