Thanksgiving wasn’t all that bad. The dining facility (DFAC) put out a huge spread that included just about every traditional Thanksgiving food. The DFAC personnel decorated the tables and walls. It was an incongruous sight in prison – like when the third-country nationals (TCNs) who probably had no idea what the cardboard turkeys represented decorated the DFACs in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I had reason to NOT be thankful. So far I’ve been really lucky socially. I get along with almost everyone and all of the important people and it seems they like me. But last week they moved me back to the third row of seats in the TV room (I’d made it up to the second row – the first row is reserved for “heavies” and their best friends). My heavy said I was moved backward because everyone sees me as “just an officer who’s trying to go home.” Hard to argue with that. Am I supposed to NOT try to get home?

I have no interest in participating in prison politics, but it’s a bit of a downer to get pushed back a row after I made so much progress.


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