Healthy Hearts

I recently discovered that inmates who’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol or obesity have the option of receiving a “healthy heart” profile from the USDB medical clinic. I haven’t tried to get this profile, so I’m not sure of it’s exact parameters – what I do know is that people who are on it can be morons.

“Healthy Heart” profiles have a fit in the cafeteria (a.k.a. DFAC – dining facility) line when they find the main course wanting. Apparently the profile allows them to ask for the “Healthy Heart” meal option instead of the main course. In theory, I can see where this makes sense. In reality, the “Healthy Heart” option is just that – an option – and people love to have choices.

I’ve seen few inmates exchange their oven-baked chicken (which was healthy the last time I checked) for the healthy heart option of lunch meat. No one makes exchanges on cheeseburger day. But I have seen them opt for turkey (a rarity on the main line) and then pile their plates with french fries and cake.

I think 99% of the “Healthy Heart” profiles seek them out because the prison considers fried chicken patties and chicken nuggets healthy options.


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