Untrusty Trustees

If the maximum security unit is at one end of a spectrum, at the other end is the Trustee Unit. Trustee inmates get to go outside the facility and live in minimum security housing areas outside the prison fence. They’re allowed to go to the Post Exchange (PX) once a month and buy items such as video games and TV’s. These prisoners have generally been in the USDB for at least seven years without getting into any trouble, they’ve been through two custody boards and are considered extremely low risk.

I heard through the grape vine that one of these Trustees recently attacked and attempted to restrain a female guard – apparently because she’d told him he couldn’t walk around barefoot. I don’t think she was harmed, but I can imagine the horror from essentially being kidnapped by an inmate. The guard was one of the nicer ones who didn’t go out of her way to make life harder for Trustees. Some people deserve to be here.


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