I Got Beat Up by a Pull-up Bar

My slight miscalculation on a pull-up bar resulted in a cracked nose and a beauty of a black eye. Luckily, the damage was minimal, but the nature of my injuries make it look like someone beat the shit out of me. This would be undesirable in any situation, but it’s particularly so in prison for two reasons: 1) the guards are now suspicious that I’ve been in a fight, and 2) other inmates assume I’ve been on the losing end of a fight.

I was questioned by the Military Police Investigations (MPI) today about my injuries. MPI has to investigate all criminal activity that occurs in the prison. They must have thought I got beat up because they asked me if I still felt as though I were in danger or threatened. I tried to tell them what happened, but they said my injuries were inconsistent with my story.

Great. Now they think I got beat up and I’m lying about it.


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