A Visitor is Coming

If I have any loyal readers, I apologize for the gap since my last entry. The past month has been surprisingly hectic and I’ve slipped on keeping my blogger up to date. But a great day is fast approaching and it must be documented!

My ex-wife is bringing my son to visit me next week. It will be the first time he’s seen me since before my trial – over fourteen months. Waiting is excruciating.

Oddly, my conviction improved my relationship with my ex-wife. In the 4 or so years between our divorce and my trial our relationship soured considerably. Now, we write each other regularly and I call her often to check up on our son. We’re getting along really well, thank God. Being in prison is difficult enough and she could have made it much more heartbreaking if she’d decided to cut off my relationship with my son. I suppose I’m finding out who really cares about me.



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