It’s been a while! Lots to catch up on, so let’s get started.

I’ve been working towards my MBA while I’m in here and I’m finding it quite difficult to push my schoolwork through the prison system. I have to send my academic work out through the USDB education office. The last time I tried to mail something out, the academic officer (a prison staffer) took 17 days to acknowledge receipt of my work and walk it down to the mail room. The mail room is 50 feet from the academic officer’s office. Seriously? I can’t complain…I mean I literally can’t complain. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’m getting nasty-grams from my “school” (which isn’t even accredited) that say “There will be no extensions!” I can’t believe this “University” is so harsh re: semester extensions. Aside from being pretty shady, the school has some punctuality issues of its own. They didn’t mail me my coursework until three weeks in to the semester. Too bad it’s the only one that offers a paper-based Masters program.

I’d like to think that even though I’m incarcerated, I’m progressing in life just a little bit. It would be good for my soul to think that. Too bad the only school I can attend while I’m in here is so worthless.


One thought on “U.S.D.B.edu

  1. While this may not provide much in the way of solace, education comes in many different packages. Though you will likely never get a degree from the place, I suspect that what you are learning in the USDB will stick with you much longer and have a more profound influence on your life than any mail-order degree. Hang in there.

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