Paying for my own Knickers

‘Tis the season of budget cuts (seems like it’s that time all year-round lately…global warming?).

The USDB is tightening its belt even further. Inmates now have to purchase their own undershirts & underwear. We used to be able to exchange worn out clothing…no more.

In the dining facility, they’re no longer serving peanut butter during meals. They said peanut butter is available on our ration sheets, so they don’t have to provide it. One small problem: items ordered via ration sheets are meant to be kept in your cell. You can’t take them into the mess hall and you can’t take things from the mess hall back to your cell. No more PBJs. Okay, when I write that down, I realize it seems trivial, but nothing is trivial in here. The days are long and boring. An inmate’s entire world exists within the confines of this chain-link fence. Your daily PBJ for lunch can end up meaning an awful lot to you if it’s become a staple of your diet.


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