Another Parole Hurdle

My letter to the parole board is hard to write. In it, I express remorse, but the parole board will know that I’m in the process of appealing my ruling which indicates I don’t agree with the charges on which I was convicted. I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time…but it’s hard to imagine the parole board looking favorably on those contradictory actions, even if they are common.

I also have to include a plan that shows where I intend to live, work, and receive therapy during my parole. I have to collect letters from family & friends (thankfully, that part won’t be too hard), potential employers, and therapists so the parole board knows my plan is feasible. I’ve managed to get a remarkably generous letter from an employer who is willing to hire me immediately. Getting a therapist to take me on, however, is proving difficult.

I’ve sent letters to multiple therapists in a few locations and I get roughly the same response from them all: they’re confused about my situation and reluctant to provide a letter stating they’ll take me on as a patient. My letters are often returned or never answered. A friend of mine has called a few providers directly and explained my situation in detail, but even he has had no luck finding a place willing to write a letter saying treatment is availalbe to me. This is a critical component of my parole package. It’s critical to many parole packages, so I can’t imagine why people aren’t more familiar with the process. Just another example of the crazy rules that govern this twilight zone I now inhabit.


2 thoughts on “Another Parole Hurdle

  1. I am sorry to hear this it is so hard to believe that when one has to admit guilt when actually innocent. I don’t know where you live but I hope your friends can help find a therapist willing to take you in. Good Luck.

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