No News is No News

Russ’s sole focus these days is his parole hearing in D.C. Russ can’t attend and now has very little control over how it goes. He’s asked his ex-wife and my husband to travel to D.C. and speak on his behalf. We’ve been waiting to hear when the board is scheduled so we can buy plane tickets. If all goes as it should and his hearing is scheduled soon, he could be out on parole as early as November!

Russ had his local board a few week ago. Supposedly, that board made it’s recommendation regarding his parole and sent it  to the D.C. board, but the offices there haven’t received his case file yet and therefore can’t schedule his federal board. Russ, meanwhile, is anxious. He’s been calling often, frantically asking if we’ve heard anything.

Nope, nothing yet.


One thought on “No News is No News

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