Today I glanced over at a table in the chow hall and sitting there together were two of the more well-known inmates: Manning and Sgt. Bales (and a mysterious third party).

**Correction. I thought Russ was referring to Hasan as the third party when he wrote this post, but apparently he wasn’t. He couldn’t tell me the name of the guy he was referring to, but he said it wasn’t Hasan. It was someone else who’d committed a mass shooting, but he couldn’t remember the guy’s name. I haven’t been able to find someone matching the criteria Russ gave me. I’ll get some clarification next time I see him! Sorry for the confusion.


12 thoughts on “SurREAL

  1. Sounds like a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since we are in the realm of surreal, what were they eating? Was it dripping blood? Just kidding. On a more serious note, was Manning dressed in female attire?

    • I’m not 100% sure, but I think they may have still been going through in-processing when Russ wrote this. It’s taken a while for me to receive his mail lately.

  2. When I was in there 90 – 92, the famous inmate was Clayton Lonetree, Moscow Embassy guard Marine convicted of giving secrets to his KGB girlfriend. Also Yolanda Huet-Vaughn who refused to go to Iraq in the first Gulf War. I was there during the riot (was a trustee though), and Inmate Goff’s escape. I worked in the dining facility which I did not want to do but ended up being a good job. Everyone wants a friend in the kitchen. Does Russ get these comments?

    • As far as I know Russ hasn’t talked to any of them yet. But that’s something we’d have to discuss in person. He typically doesn’t talk about other inmates over the phone or in the mail.

  3. Sounds like he might be around or in my husband’s pod since he also tolde about them and they were in his pod. I have to say I really appreciate this blog. It gives me an inside perspective which is nice since I don’t get to talk to my husband all the time.

    • Thanks for your comment! Russ and I started this project because we thought it would be a good, healthy outlet for his daily frustrations and we hoped (though we thought it was a long shot) that maybe it would offer some insight and guidance to those navigating the backwaters of military justice. I’m glad it’s been useful to you!

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