Whatcha Cookin’

It’s funny the things you miss in here. Lately I’ve been dreaming about buying a car (my subconscious is getting way too far ahead of me, there). But I’ve been daydreaming/fantasizing about going to the grocery store. I cannot wait to go buy some food and cook a nice meal for myself.

I also want to reopen my Netflix account and catch up on some shows I’ve missed. I want to go for a jog with my iPod and get lost in the experience.

Simple pleasures. Don’t ever take them for granted.


5 thoughts on “Whatcha Cookin’

  1. Amen brother. Ive recently battled a three year long illness. It didnt bode well for my existence for the longest while. I no longer take things for granted. If i do, i quickly check myself and right my thinking. I was once in the military for a stint in my younger days. I know exactly what you mean by “hurry up and wait”, or maybe thats what I call it. Ive also been in jail a couple times, though nothing too serious. I can only imagine the two combined, each with their gross “inefficiancies.” I think that was your description. And, again it was well said. Hang in there man. You know not to be too cliche, but the saying “Whatever doesnt kill you will always make you stronger” has always held true for me. I hope the same for you my man. Pray hard and use your days to think constructively. There will be a better day. It has to be. Good luck.

  2. Russ has been pretty busy getting ready for parole. I just got back from a visit and am crafting a new post. Thanks for checking in!

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