Boob Toob

Russ told me during a visit that NCIS is by far the most popular TV show in the common areas. Not something you might have thought considering some of them were put in prison by NCIS-led investigations. Seems ironic, no?

Russ’s own favorite show right now? Fargo, on FX. I have to say, I agree. Fargo is awesome.

He also said a lot of inmates like Tosh.0, so I asked him if they’d enjoyed the bit Tosh did on making toilet hooch (see it here: Cooking in the Clink). He said he couldn’t remember, but, speaking of which … Someone recently got busted for making hooch! (Russ didn’t know if he was using Tosh’s toilet technique.) Apparently the dude was found out when his garbage bag full of ready-to-chug “pruno grigio” busted in transit from his cell to someone else’s. The smell of alcohol filled the hallway and guards came and caught him. He spent something like three weeks in the SHU (special housing unit) a.k.a. solitary.


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