Creeping up on 60 days of freedom.

The past two months have been a whirl wind. One forgets how fast paced the world moves  on the outside. I have started working a decent job and it has been keeping me fairly busy. I am definitely underemployed/overqualified for this position, but I have not been able thus far to find an organization that will look past my felonious record and realize the incredible value that hiring me could present. I continue to search.

I have spoken to my son via phone and FaceTime and will probably have to wait another month or two before I can see him. He is doing well and it is great to be able to talk or even to just text him at will. I went back home and visited my father and sister. They are much the same as I remember leaving them, with the obvious absence of my mother. Then there is the daunting task of reconnecting with family and friends. I have quite a few and I have had to space the catching up out over a long period of time. It is very draining having the same conversations over and over again.

So many funny little quirks to the readjustment process. I will her those with you as time in future posts.

1 thought on “Creeping up on 60 days of freedom.

  1. I remember having to adjust to being in a moving vehicle and having to choose what I wanted to eat in a restaurant. The colorful menus in fast food establishments were overwhelming. Having been a military kid before I enlisted, I had no core base of friends or major family to go home to. My dad was recently stationed to Offut AFB in Omaha, NE and so I just went home to them and started a new life. So many little things that you take for granted were interesting to do again. I did not lose any of my family and so I can’t imagine what you had to go through. Sorry for the loss of your mother Russ.

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