Today I am Thankful

Despite the highs and lows on the path of my life, today I am especially thankful for my family and friends. I know that I am truly fortunate and I also want to thank the readers of my blog. As I sit around the table today enjoying time with my family, my heart goes out to those still serving time at my former residence.

There are over 400 inmates at the USDB who are enjoying a double portion of meat today. Regardless of their confining offense, it is difficult to go through the holidays in the DB. For the readers who supports military inmates, thank you and know that the smallest note or card means the world to the guy waiting for mail to be passed out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Still plugging along

It continues to amaze me that time can pass by so quickly on the outside. At the USDB, time would drag on and I remember not hearing back from family and friends for months at a time. Sometimes it would be very frustrating to the person with unlimited time to sit and think.

As I look at the blog, I realize that I have not posted for coming up on two months. I the past two months I have worked quite a bit of overtime, traveled a little with the state to see family and friends, and grown comfortable with a routine of living outside the prison. I have been out for over three months and it seems like I was at the USDB both recently and an eternity ago.

I will be traveling to see my son at the beginning of next month and cannot wait. It has been far too long.