Contact CI

Russ has never seen this blog, but his co-author keeps him apprised of the commentary he receives on his posts.

To contact Russ, please send an email to and the co-author can forward its contents via snail mail to him. You can also leave a comment on his posts and the co-author will relay it.

Thank you so much for your interest and readership!

4 thoughts on “Contact CI

  1. While I don’t know the blogger or the “captain”, I will note that in the information section they clearly state that they are not providing a lot of details to avoid having him deal with possible retribution and/or negative impact on any of the processes to get his freedom back.

    That said, think about it. He was a military officer serving in a war zone. The major choices here would be murder, financial crimes (stealing government funds/goods), and assault/sexual charges. Given the few details provided, my guess would be that he was likely convicted as an officer for the behavior of troops under his command. Officers can be held criminally responsible for the acts of those under their command in certain circumstances. My best guess is that Russ is in this category. None of the other options really make sense (assuming everything you read here is true).

    Having been a military officer, I can see how something like this could happen.

    • Your theory is not supported by what has been presented.

      1) From the 28 October 2011 entry:

      “My choice to maintain my innocence netted me a six year sentence. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t commit a crime – or that the detective, a 25 year veteran of the police force who was called to the scene, said as much under oath. I should have just pled guilty.”

      So the incident did not happen in a war zone. It also apparently happened in an area with civilian jurisdiction. There was an issue of whether a crime actually occurred. If you add all of that together, it only leaves one or two potential crimes. .

      Supporting this, later in the same post, he states:

      “The cherry on top? I’ll have to undergo “treatment” for the crime I was convicted of.”

      Fraud, or failure to control ones subordinates, or violation of the laws of armed conflict, does not typically include ‘treatment’ as part of the sentence.

      2) The idea that there is some kind of need to keep a low profile with the USDB or the army criminal justice system is a bit crazy. There are ~450 inmates at the USDB. A small number of these are officers. A fraction of those are Army officers. Given a rough date of entry, it would be trivial for a USDB official to figure out exactly who he was.

      • It’s true that Russ’s identity could easily be sussed out by a determined staff member at the USDB or, with the help of a friend on the outside, a curious inmate. (Russ has heard a few of them discussing Captain Incarcerated!)
        The purpose of this blog is to help Russ (and maybe some readers) through a difficult time, not ruffle feathers. Russ and others in his situation have very few rights, very little standing and a lot of vulnerabilities. It wouldn’t shock or dismay us if someone discovered his real name or his crime, but neither bit of information is vital to the fulfillment of this blog’s purpose and omitting both insulates him a little. Going into such detail may seem irresponsible to people who have the power to determine Russ’s fate.

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