Today I am Thankful

Despite the highs and lows on the path of my life, today I am especially thankful for my family and friends. I know that I am truly fortunate and I also want to thank the readers of my blog. As I sit around the table today enjoying time with my family, my heart goes out to those still serving time at my former residence.

There are over 400 inmates at the USDB who are enjoying a double portion of meat today. Regardless of their confining offense, it is difficult to go through the holidays in the DB. For the readers who supports military inmates, thank you and know that the smallest note or card means the world to the guy waiting for mail to be passed out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

9 thoughts on “Today I am Thankful

  1. We gave thanks, that you and some others were able to be home with your loved ones , where you always should have been. Tony and family.

      • Hi Russ, glad to hear you’re doing well.let me know what size your son wears in a tee shirt/ sweat shirt.
        I really would like to see you write a book about your experiences in the Military. I believe it would be well recieved, maybe not by the Army. When you’re up to it gives us a call.
        Our best to you and your family.

  2. On a whim I decided to see if there was anyone who had detailed what it was like in Leavenworth. I read your blog in a dedicated binge session. You have a great voice and I admire your positive thinking and tenacity in the face of adversity.

    I am a soldier and I thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that you are doing well.

  3. So I stumbled across your blog yesterday while I was reading up on different things on my down time at work. I see you haven’t posted in a long time and I am curious if there will be any updates of your experience since you’ve been out. What’s your new job like? How’s your son? I found your stories very intriguing and I would like to know more.

  4. I would really like to know about what the writer did for getting six years in USDB. My best guess is, although without any realistic way of knowing, that he gave a “good old fashioned, medieval ass kicking” to some incompetent idiot, perhaps even a superior officer.

    Anyway, the offence could not have been any serious, for the Cpt. Incarcerated was (thankfully) released on parole. However, I would like to know at least some basic facts of getting six years, without exposing too much about writer’s identity.

  5. Just read about Captain Incarcerated. First, thank you for writing it. A lot don’t realize that when you put your hand up and swear your oath in the military, they literally own your butt for the term of your enlistment. When my sun enlisted in the Air Force, I told him to be extra, extra careful. (My dad was an Air Policeman). Heard some stories. I looked all thru the articles. Would still like to know what ended you in there, if you can say at this time.

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